Why aloe?

Mother Nature's best kept secret is out, and aloe is in! With 39 minerals and amino acids, aloe vera is the plant that packs a punch. It helps clear your body of bad bacteria, metabolic waste and fights off inflammation.

Think of it as your body's own superhero!

Say aloe-ha to a better you!

Drink up and enjoy the healing power of 350mg of aloe vera.
ACTIValoe® is clinically proven to promote*:

The ACTIValoe® difference.

Detoxwater partners with Aloecorp - the world's largest aloe farmer* - to provide the highest quality aloe ingredient known as ACTIValoe®.

ACTIValoe® is proven not only to maintain, but also to enhance the biological activity of the aloe vera plant. In other words, it guarantees the highest retention of aloe's health and nutritional benefits.

Using a proprietary and patented process known as Qmatrix®, ACTIValoe® is the first and only aloe ingredient to guarantee a minimum of 10% polysaccharides by dry weight, which ensures batch-to-batch consistency.

ACTIValoe®'s proven health benefits are supported by nearly 700 scientific and clinical studies.

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