Best Infused Water Pitchers 2023 Reviewed

Infused Water Pitcher

The infused water pitcher is one of the growing trends considering that people are now more health-conscious than ever. These handy containers allow you to enjoy a better flavor-infused beverage and enhance the drinks’ healthier components.

A water-infused pitcher or a fruit-infuser pitcher allows you to drink more water daily, adding a pinch of flavor to make your drinks more intriguing. As fresh fruits seamlessly infuse in the water, you will likely drink more water and ensure proper mineral and sugar intake for your body.

With refreshing flavors and fruit infusions, the water pitcher also allows you to enjoy beverages like iced tea and coffee. But if you know nothing about water pitchers and want to buy one, this post will guide you with the necessary information about fruit-infused water pitchers.

Find out all you need to know about water pitchers and fruit infuser pitchers and look at some of the top fruit infuser containers to make an easier choice.

What is an Infused Water Pitcher?

A water infuser pitcher or a fruit infuser pitcher allows you to drink infused cold water adding a tinge of flavor to make your drinks more appealing. It contains an infuser that allows water to absorb nutrients and flavor from the added fruits.

So, on the one hand, it provides nutrients and, on the other, ensures that you enjoy fresh flavors and drinks from your favorite fruits. For those who don’t find enough time to prepare fruit juice, a fruit-infused water pitcher can be an ideal choice for keeping well hydrated throughout the day.

A fruit infuser pitcher is roughly the size of a regular jug, and many feature a stainless steel lid. It’s handy and easy to carry. Moreover, you can also experiment with your cold water pitcher by trying exotic drinks like iced tea, iced coffee, cucumber water, etc.

If you don’t have enough time to eat your favorite veggies and fruits, the infused water pitcher lets you avail all the benefits with just a few sips of a flavor-infused beverage.

Top Picks for Infused Water Pitcher

Here are a few top picks for a fruit water infusion pitcher.

Mami Wata Infusion Water Pitcher

It’s a plastic infusion pitcher featuring a lightweight design and convenient storage options. It features a loose tea infuser and an ice ball maker, ideal for small-sized infused water drinks.

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

It’s a pocket-friendly infusion pitcher featuring a clear finish and provides a convenient handling option to the user.

Primula Shake and Infuse Pitcher

Features a sturdy and durable design and value for money. The tight-fit cap ensures no spills and allows the user to shake and infuse better.

Types of Infuser Pitchers

Infused water pitcher primarily has two types. Here is a quick look at them.

Glass Pitcher

A glass fruit infuser pitcher is the perfect pitcher for most consumers. Typically, users prefer borosilicate glass pitchers because it’s scratch proof, high-quality, and more aesthetic and presentable. That’s why it’s also a perfect gift item.

Glass pitchers provide all the essential qualities of glass as they are crystal clear and have a smooth surface. Mostly, glass infusers contain a borosilicate glass tube infuser where you can put all the fruits and veggies.

Since it’s made of borosilicate glass, the fruit infuser pitcher is more heat resistant and can easily contain hot water and other drinks without cracking or breaking. It’s one of the primary reasons people prefer a glass fruit infuser pitcher.

Hence, you can enjoy fruit tea and other hot drinks without experiencing any bad taste that usually comes off as a reaction to hot water in a plastic-infused water pitcher.

High-Grade Plastic Infuser Pitcher

The high-grade plastic water pitcher is generally made from BPA-free materials ensuring safe and healthy drinks. These pitchers are initially tested for quality and provide a decent value for money. Understandably, they are much lighter than glass infuser pitchers but deliver similar quality drinks.

Due to their plastic body, these pitchers are more malleable and elastic than glass pitchers. As a result, they don’t break or crack easily, providing more durability and value for money. The plastic is usually thick and doesn’t break easily.

Like a glass infuser, the plastic fruit infuser pitcher also features an infuser tube in the center of the container.

Due to their material, plastic and glass infuser pitchers are easily washable. You can clean the tube with an elongated brush. Moreover, they are easily portable and can be stored in a kitchen cabinet.

How to Use a Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher

Making infused water recipes with an infusion pitcher is pretty straightforward. Here is a quick look at how to use a fruit infuser water pitcher.

Clean Your Pitcher

Before every use, it’s essential to clean the pitcher. It’s best to use warm water and mild soap to rinse off any impurities. Rinse the pitcher and the infuser tube thoroughly to remove any soap residue.

Gather Ingredients

Depending on your preferred drink, prepare the ingredients that will go into the infuser tube. Make sure that the pieces are cut to fit inside the tube. You can try a variety of fruits and veggies like lime, lemon, oranges, berries, strawberries, mint leaves, mangoes, herbs, ginger, cucumbers, etc.

Cutting the fruits also helps extract maximum nutrients and flavors from them.

Add Ingredients to Infuser

Once the ingredients are cut, it’s time to add them to the infuser tube. Typically, infuser tubes can be removed from the pitcher, which helps you easily add the ingredients to the infuser.

Add Water to the Pitcher

After adding the ingredients, add water to the pitcher. Ensure not to fill the pitcher, as the infuser tube will also occupy some volume.

Store the Drink

Keep the infused water pitcher in a dry place. It’s best to refrigerate for at least a few hours if it’s a cold drink. This allows the water to extract enough nutrients from the fruits. The longer you infuse water, the stronger the flavors will be.

Add More Water

After a few drinks, add more water to the pitcher without changing the fruits. As you add more water, it will infuse more nutrients and flavor from the fruits. However, a couple of refills later, the flavor should weaken, and you must add new ingredients to the infusion tube.

Advantages of a Water Infuser Pitcher

A fruit-infused water pitcher has several nutritional benefits. Here are some worth discussing.

Refreshing Iced Tea, Iced Brew Coffee, and More Drinks

Perhaps the best advantage of an infuser pitcher is that you can drink any fruit-infused water. It’s general-purpose, so any fruit, vegetable, coffee, and tea can be infused into the water. More importantly, the infuser has an instant action, so you can always enjoy fresh drinks without prepping your drinks too much.

Simply put, it makes your regular drinks more nourishing, refreshing, nutritious, and enjoyable. For instance, you can create an instant lemonade by adding a slice of lemon to the infuser. Likewise, you can add berries, citrus fruits, iced tea, and many other ingredients to the infusion pitcher and create any flavor-infused beverage in no time.

Natural Detox and Nutritional Advantages

Natural fruit and veggie drinks have several nutritional advantages. These drinks act as natural detox drinks helping eliminate unwanted toxic substances from the body. According to experts, fruit-infused water has a lower calorie count than sugary juices.

Moreover, the flavor is all-natural, so it has no adverse effects on the body. Many of these drinks contain handsome amounts of Vitamin C and other nutrients. Therefore, fruit-infused water provides several health benefits, such as hydration, immune strength, skin conditioning, and detoxification.

As fresher drinks become a part of our body, an infusion pitcher becomes an effective option to improve general health without needing medications or unique treatments.

What to Consider Before Buying a Water Infuser Pitcher

What are the essential factors before buying a pitcher to make your flavor-infused beverage with an infusion pitcher? Here is what you need to know.

Size and Capacity

The pitcher’s capacity is directly related to the pitcher’s size. There are a variety of pitcher sizes ranging from a pint to a regular glass size. Moreover, an infusion pitcher can contain up to a gallon. But a regular pitcher should be perfect if you’re looking for a pitcher to store conveniently inside your refrigerator that can suffice for a family. These pitchers contain up to 1.5 to 2 liters of water.

When it comes to choosing a capacity, it depends on how you want to use the pitcher. For instance:

  • If you have a small refrigerator, you must look for a small pitcher that fits inside.
  • If you are likely to drink more water frequently, go for a large pitcher to avoid regular refills.


Infusion pitchers primarily have two types of material, i.e., Plastic and Glass. Plastic is lighter, more durable, and cheaper. If you want a pitcher for a cold flavor-infused beverage, a plastic pitcher should be good enough.

On the other hand, glass pitchers are more suited for hot or cold drinks, so you can add milk to the pitcher and tea or coffee in the infuser to prepare your favorite drinks. Moreover, glass is more heat resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and more suitable as a gift item.

Both plastic and glass can be cleaned with a hand wash. Moreover, the materials are dishwasher safe, so it’s pretty convenient to clean them.

Infuser Specifications

The infuser plays a critical role in the quality of the drinks. It’s like a porous perforated basket that holds the ingredients allowing them to infuse with water. Infusers have three types, i.e.,

  • Standard Infusers have medium-sized holes and are great for bagged tea and fruit-infused drinks.
  • Loose tea infusers – Made from loose meshes keeping tea from migrating into the water.
  • Ice Cores – Used to hold ice and are non-permeable. These are strictly used for cooling purposes only.


Can I Eat the Fruits From the Infuser Water Pitcher After Use?

Even though fruits and veggies lose flavor after infusion, you can still eat the fruits later. They may not have enough flavor or nutritional content, but no adverse health consequence is attached to eating infused fruits.

Should I use a hot or Cold Water Pitcher?

It depends on your purpose of use. If you want a pitcher solely for fresh and fruit-infused water, you can choose a cold water pitcher. But if you want to use the infuser pitcher for a wide range of hot drinks like tea, coffee, or flavored milk, it’s a good idea to use a hot water pitcher as it is more heat resistant.

Are Infusion Pitchers BPA-Free?

Plastic infusion pitcher users are often concerned about BPA-free material. However, plastic infusion pitchers are made of high quality, which is BPA-free. Hence, no health risk is attached to using a plastic infusion pitcher.


Fruit infuser pitchers are handy equipment for creating fresh and healthy flavored drinks. They are highly convenient to use and easily washable too. Now that you know the essentials of infusion pitchers, buying the one that suits your needs should be easier.

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